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Here at Mote Park Vets we work closely with several cat charities and we feel that neutering is vitally important for the longterm welfare of cats. Life out there on the street is tough and dangerous for an un-neutered cat!

For this reason we are re-introducing Cat Spay Thursdays! There is no compromise in care, attention or surgical skill - it is to help everyone give their cat the life they deserve!

Every Thursday:
Cat Castration = £24.99
Cat Spay = £44.99

Our Puppy and Kitten Pack!

Rite Start

Here at Mote Park Vets we are deeply committed to the well being of your pets.

Taking on a new puppy or kitten is a big commitment and to help with this we are offering an incredible package called Rite Start for the new member of your family!

This offer ties in with our own Pet Health Plan which allows you to continue offering your pet the best of preventative healthcare for an incredibly reasonable monthly cost (please click here for more info)!