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Animal Emergencies

What should I do in an emergency?

In any situation where you think your animal needs to be seen, it is always best to phone us first (contact information is at the bottom of this page) for advice and so that we can be prepared for your arrival if necessary.

In the event the emergency occurs outside of our normal working hours phone our number and you will be given the contact details for our emergency out-of-hours provider, VetsNow Gillingham, so make sure you have your pen and paper handy.

Never give human medicines to your pets unless you are told to do so and do not give them any food or water as they may need an anaesthetic.

You should ring us if your animal is:

  • Weak, doesn't want to get up, doesn't want to play
  • Having problems breathing or their breathing is noisy or faster than usual
  • Coughing and cannot stop
  • Being repeatedly sick
  • In a lot of pain
  • Having trouble passing urine or faeces
  • Having problems keeping their balance
  • Involved in a road traffic accident
  • Is bleeding
  • Has a possible broken bone
  • Has a burn
  • Has been poisoned
  • Has a swollen stomach
  • Has something stuck in their throat
  • Has something toxic on their fur
  • Is suffering from heatstroke
  • Is having fits
  • Has been in a fight
  • Has an eye injury
  • Has had an electric shock

Moving an injured cat or small dog

Place one hand under the chin, on the front of the chest, and the other behind the back legs. You may want to cover them with a thick towel first.

If you have one available you can put the cat into a basket or box.

Moving a large dog

Use a coat or blanket as a stretcher and try to slide them gently onto it.

Catching an injured cat

If you need to catch the cat try to block off escape routes and encourage them into an enclosed space or a cat basket. If necessary cover the cat with a towel to get them into a basket

Wild Animals

Remember that injured animals usually become frightened and because they are in pain they may bite people who are trying to help them.

Approach the animal with caution; if you do get bitten you should see your doctor.

Try to remain calm and do not put yourself or the animal in any more danger.



01622 758737 or 01622 759761

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Our dedicated out-of-hours service is provided by VetsNow Gillingham located at:

Vets Now Emergency Ltd,
Campus Way,