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Our Facilities

We are a modern and up to date practice and have invested heavily to offer state of the art services and specialised equipment to our patients, including:


With an in-house, high-end ultrasound we can identify heart disease in your pet much earlier, often before clinical symptoms manifest.

This video was taken during an echocardiogram of one of our little cat patients. His heart shows significant cardiac changes.



We have a 6mm flexible endoscope that allows us to visualise sections of your pet's gastrointestinal tract and take biopsies for further diagnosis. This is a minimally invasive procedure reducing the need for major abdominal surgery (although a general anaesthetic is required).


Liver Mass

We have recently invested in a GE Logiq allowing us to offer high quality ultrasound imaging. Doppler and colour-flow facilities allow us to track the movement of blood within the heart and identify abnormalities. Ultrasound can often be carried out without sedation or anaesthesia.


Although a diagnosis of cancer is always serious and very frightening there has been much improvement in both quality of life and survival times that modern cancer treatments can offer. We administer chemotherapy in-house which means no long drives for you or your pet. It also means that you are dealing directly with us if you have any concerns.


Fractured Pelvis

We have a very well equipped operating theatre and excellent surgical skills in-house for routine, complex and emergency surgeries. The practice has an excellent reputation for orthopaedic surgery and is fully equipped to carry out a wide range of orthopaedic procedures.



We have a high resolution digital X-Ray system with digital enhancement of images improving our diagnostic abilities. This benefits our patients because the images are processed quickly, minimising anaesthetic and sedation times.



We have an in-house microscope for basic microscopy. This allows us to examine in greater detail urine sediment, ear disease and blood smears amongst others. Above we show a dog with both a yeast (the purple ovals on the right of the image) and a cocci infection of the ear.


We have a dedicated diagnostic imaging suite which houses the high resolution digital X-ray system, our 6mm flexible endoscope, and the high-end ultrasound machine used for both ultrasound and echocardiography.

In House Lab Equipment

Haematology Machine

For white & red blood cells

Biochemistry Reader

Detailed readings on your pet's biochemistry

Direct Microscopy

In house microscope for direct microscopy, shown with centrifuge

Digital X-Ray Machine

Our high end digital X-ray machine